Please bring any birth certificates, vaccination records, and proof of identity and residency at the time of enrollment.

All Student Enrollment

August 1, 2024

Plainview Activity Center

12:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Welcome. Once again it is time to start the enrollment process. It is our desire to offer an additional digital process in addition to current enrollment procedures. Student Record Portals, available through our Wengage/Sylogist system, on our website www.plainview.k12.ok.us , will give you access to several e-forms. This access will be available Monday, July 22nd. Below is a list of directions on how to complete the enrollment process.


E-Forms: Please go the Plainview website and create a primary parent login. Click on “How to Enroll” for directions. Once you have been granted access to the student portal, you can complete the online forms.  Please remember, this is the first step in enrolling. You must attend Enrollment August 1 to complete your child’s enrollment. Online forms listed below:


  1. Internet Conduct
  2. Permission/Acknowledge
  3. Race and Ethnicity
  4. Device Agreement
  5. Health
  6. Transportation
  7. McKinney-Vento



No Internet Capability:

If you are unable to complete the e-forms, you may fill out and print the forms in advance from our website or fill them out once you arrive at enrollment. Tables will be set up for you to complete the forms. Please read the directions carefully as some paperwork is per student and some is per family. Please sign and date each form. If you would like to complete the e-forms but need assistance please call Wendy Russell @ (580) 490-3161.

Printed Forms:

A family folder will be provided for everyone on enrollment day. If you have not completed the online forms, they will be included in the packet.  If you have completed the online forms, a Student Contact form, Child Nutrition Form, and a Receipt Sheet will be in the packet.


  1. Verification of Residency: 2 proofs of residency are required. . Your photo ID is required. Your ID address must match your residence.  Please provide a printed copy of - examples: electric/water/gas/deed/tax statement/rental agreement for a second proof. If your ID does not match your residence then you will need to see Wendy Russell.
  2. Student Contact: Please review all information carefully and make corrections as needed.
  3. Free and Reduced Lunch
  4. Receipt Sheet:

This is the first sheet in your family folder. Staff at each table will help you with this form. Please indicate all areas you will be paying for upon conclusion of the enrollment process. NOTE: Regardless of whether you have any payment or not, this sheet must be turned into the cashier at the end of your enrollment. Any previous balances due must be paid to complete enrollment.


General Information:

When you have filled out all of the forms, you will visit the residency tables for verification where forms will be collected. Then you will visit the appropriate building tables. Each building table will have pertinent information/items for you. If you choose to purchase any item from a building, present the receipt sheet for recording. Once you have visited all necessary tables, finish with the cashiers on your way out.